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Whether poetry or prose, short stories or articles on a great variety of subjects, this author shows great diversity in her work. Honesty, compassion yet also a keen sense of humor are reflected in her writing. Her work was published in American and Canadian magazines, newspapers and she also contributed bilingual articles to Kina-Magazine, a publication for children growing up in a bilingual environment

Inge Perreault and her husband, a freelance photographer, moved to the Azores in 2006 after living on a small island off the South coast of Massachusetts. Sao Miguel has become their new home where they intend to spend the rest of their lives.

“DUCK SOUP- Vignettes of Country Life” consists of a collection of previously published short stories and describes the years in New Jersey while raising her two sons and running the business of SOLARWORKS INC., a custom building company she founded in 1982, focusing on the construction of energy efficient passive solar homes over a period of 20 years.

“BIRTH OF A TUMBLEWEED” Memoirs of Growing-Up in Post-Nazi Germany takes a look back at the history of her generation born during or immediately after WWII. Her message that civilians in ANY war anywhere in the world regardless of race, color or religion suffer terribly should be most relevant at the present time. These are human beings, not merely “collateral damage.”

“FOR WOMEN ONLY – THE 50 PLUS ROLLER COASTER” is a collection of short stories. Poignant, touching and yet with humor, this book tells us about the experiences her generation of women living in a youth-oriented society is being confronted with in a much different manner than their mothers were. The author is likewise an outspoken advocate of equal rights since the early 1970s.

Her fourth book, “THE SNOW STALKER” which can be ordered at www.Blurb.com or from the author herself takes us back to the Vietnam War and My Lai, dealing with the results of post-traumatic stress syndrome that likewise is being experienced in many countries world-wide, much as it was in Germany after WWII. The consequences of this facet of war have been greatly underestimated and can lead to actions nobody could have foreseen. Often they are a cry for justice expressing themselves in self-destructive behavior or revenge.

In “PROSE AND SNIPPETS,” a book for mature readers, the author combines her prose followed by a short story in some way connected to the prose. Inge Perreault looks back over her adventurous and full life realising how many events were interconnected and part of her destiny. This book can also be ordered from www.Blurb.com or the author herself.

The Azorean Government honored Inge and Roland Perreault in 2010 by using her words in combination with his photography for their annual bilingual Christmas flash-card sent out to all Portuguese Embassies, Consulates and business contacts. To see it click where indicated.
Inge Perreault no longer teaches Englisch and German pro-bono due to acquiring Fibromyalgia, a chronic disease that demands a lot of her time. She receives pain-management the Portuguese Govenment provides to sufferers of chronic diseases, in combination with taking responsibility for her own health by receiving physical therapy as well as hydro-therapy in the local Wellness Institution Aguafit by an excellent professional at her own expense. She will continue writing articles and short stories as long as her health allows.

A staunch environmentalist Ms. Perreault founded the Massachusetts off-Cape chapter of CLEAN POWER NOW in 2004 and was voted Earth Mother in New Bedford in 2005 on the occasion of the annual Earth Day Celebration. After a life that spanned four very different careers her move to the Azores was part of her continuing quest as well as interest in different culturs and linguistic abilities her TUMBLEWEED nature has pursued all of her life.

The Azores Journal has been most successful in attracting more visitors and eco-tourists from all parts of the world to explore this wonderful Archipelago. I have assisted numerous couples or individuals who wish to move here to retire in this calm, serene area in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where modern times and old cultural traditions meet without clashing. A stable environment, low crime rate and a sub-tropical climate in addition to low cost of living, great health-care and breathlessly beautiful nature provide the perfect place for anyone who wishes to leave the stresses of today's world behind and retire in comfort they never imagined to be possible.


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